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Yueju Opera
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Yueju Opera, is a form of opera performance using a Chinese dialect, Cantonese, to perform. It is prevalent in Cantonese speaking regions including the entirety of Guangdong Province, Guangxi,, Hong Kong S.A.R. and Macao S.A.R.. Yueju Opera can be dated back to over 300 years ago, and it is the most influential opera performance in Southern China. Besides, apart from Peking Opera, Yueju Opera was the only opera performance using dialects.

Parts of the elements of Yueju Opera were incorporated from other forms of opera performances which were spread to Southern China before 18th century. Base on the basic musical elements, like wooden clappers, Yueju Opera incorporated Cantonese local musical elements, and formed the combined music performances, with string instruments, Erxian, Yuexian, Sanxian, Bamboo Violin, Bamboo flute, etc. (called Five Piece Combo), and percussion instruments, Gong and Drums.

In September 2009, Yueju Opera was listed in the category of 'Masterpieces of the Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity' by the UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organization).

Until now, Yueju Opera is circulated among Cantonese community, overseas and local. It is treated as platform for social communication, to strengthen the relationship among people among the Chinese community. Besides, it is recognized as a symbol for Cultural Exchange, in which is an important tradition for foreigners to learn and understand more about Chinese Culture.

- Yueju Opera (Cantonese Opera) Performance 2011


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