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Live 3 Pitures
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LIVE 3 Pitures/Triple Face


General Rules

  • The game of Three Pictures is played with a single deck of cards. All picture cards (King, Queen and Jack) and Tens shall carry the value of "0", other cards shall carry their denoted numerical value. (Ace shall carry the value of one).
  • Each player including the banker shall play with 3 cards. The expressions of "3 Knights", "Double Knights Seven", "Plain Nine" etc shall have the meanings assigned to each of them as per ranking list.
  • The highest ranking hand is known as "3 Knights," that is a hand with 3 picture cards and others will count as the face value of the 3 cards, the highest score is 9. (Total score exceeding 10 or 20 will be deducted by 10 and 20 respectively).
  • The objective of the game is to have the highest possible ranking hand. (refer to ranking list)

Game Play

  • In this version of the game, there will be three Player hands and one Banker. Dealing will be carried out one by one, faced up, commencing from Player1 in counter clockwise direction until the Banker received his 3rd and last card for the hand.
  • Members can bet on any of the three Player hands. Win or Lose bet type will be taken from basis against the Banker’s cards.
  • This is a non commissioned Three Pictures and payout is 1 to 1 for winning bets on Win/Lose bet type. Exception on these two conditions for 50% payout.
    • Wager on “Win” and Player hand won on any combination of 6 (rank list #11, #12 and #13)
    • Wager on “Lose” and Banker hand won on any combination of 6 (rank list #11, #12 and #13)
  • Regular wager on Win and Lose will be pushed when result of the draw is TIE.
  • Side bet for TIE pays 8 to 1. A TIE condition is met if the selected Player’s hand ranks the same as that of the Banker’s, as per the ranking list.

    This below example illustrates a TIE condition on “Single Knights Nine”:
    Player hand: J Spade, 3 Heart and 6 Diamond
    Banker hand: Q Spade, 10 Heart and 9 Diamond

  • Side bet for "3 Knights" pays 16 to 1. As listed in the ranking list, a“3 Knights” condition is met if all 3 cards of the selected Player’s hand are picture cards (King, Queen or Jack).
  • "Pair Plus" is a side bet available to all Player 1/2/3 as well as the Banker box. Winning possibilities and payout are,
    • Straight Flush is a hand containing three cards of the same suit in consecutive ranking. E.g. 8♥, 7♥, 6♥
    • Three of a kind is a hand containing three cards of the same rank. E.g. 10♠, 10♥, 10♣
    • Straight is a hand containing three cards of consecutive rank regardless of suit, an Ace may count high or low. E.g. 8♦, 7♣, 6♥
    • Flush is a hand containing three cards of the same suit but not in consecutive ranking. E.g. 10♥, 4♥, 2♥
    • Pair is a hand containing two cards of the same rank. E.g. A♣, A♥, 8♦
    Hand Payout
    Straight Flush 40:1
    Three of a Kind 30:1
    Straight 6:1
    Flush 3:1
    Pairs 1:1

RANKING LISTING (Descending order)

1. "3 Knights" (3 picture cards)
2. Double Knights Nine (2 picture cards + 9)
3. Single Knights Nine (1 picture card + points of remaining cards = 9)
4. Plain Nine (sum of three cards equals 9, without picture cards)
5. Double Knights Eight (2 picture cards + 8)
6. Single Knight Eight (1 picture card + points of remaining cards = 8)
7. Plain Eight (sum of three cards equals 8, without picture cards)
8. Double Knights Seven (2 picture cards + 7)
9. Single Knight Seven (1 picture card + points of remaining cards + 7)
10. Plain Seven (sum of three cards equals 7, without picture cards)
11. Double Knights Six (2 picture cards + 6)
12. Single Knight Six (1 picture card + points of remaining cards 6)
13. Plain Six (sum of three cards equals 6, without picture cards)
14. Double Knights Five (2 picture cards + 5)
15. Single Knight Five (1 picture card + points of remaining cards = 5)
16. Plain Five (sum of three cards equals 5, without picture cards)
17. Double Knights Four (2 picture cards + 4)
18. Single Knight Four (1 picture card + points of remaining cards = 4)
19. Plain Four (sum of three cards equals 4, without picture cards)
20. Double Knights Three (2 picture cards + 3)
21. Single Knight Three (1 picture card + points of remaining cards = 3)
22. Plain Three (sum of three cards equals 3, without picture cards)
23. Double Knights Two (2 picture cards + 2)
24. Single Knight Two (1 picture card + points of remaining cards = 2)
25. Plain Two (sum of three cards equals 2, without picture cards)
26. Double Knights One (2 picture cards + 1)
27. Single Knight One (1 picture card + points of remaining cards = 1)
28. Plain One (sum of three cards equals 1, without picture cards)
29. Double Knights Zero (2 picture cards + 10)
30. Single Knight Zero (1 picture card + points of remaining cards = 0)
31. Plain Zero (sum of three cards equals 0, without picture cards)

Terms & Conditions:


  1. Burn Cards
    • 4 cards will be skipped before the start of every hand.
    • Reconstruction of cards will be carried out if error in card burning procedure was discovered before Player 1’s second card.
    • Otherwise management reserves the rights to void the erroneous hand.
  2. Exposed card
    • Any exposure of in-game cards (less burn cards) during bets offering will result in voiding of hand
    • Appropriate action will be taken by management for exposed cards during shuffling, depending on the stage of shuffling and number of exposed cards.
  3. Drawing of unnecessary cards (Exposed)
    • Any unnecessary cards drawn after the game will not affect the result.
  4. Dropped cards
    • Cards that fall outside of the camera visual during shuffling, burning and scooping will be picked up and reused.
    • Cards that fall outside of camera visual during dealing will be reused only if it was exposed before getting out of sight. Otherwise, the particular hand will be voided and the shoe will resume.
  5. Wrong dealing sequence or placement of cards
    • Reconstruction of actual cards will be carried out if error was discovered before submission
    • Result will be edited if dealer dealt in the sequence from Player 3 -> Player 2 -> Player 1 -> Banker for the entire hand. Settlement will swap the result of Player 1 with Player 3.
    • Management reserves the rights to void erroneous hand
  6. Cards jammed in shuffling machine
    • In circumstances when any cards are jammed in the shuffling machine management reserves the rights to void the ongoing hand.
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